Below are testimonials for the JDK program from both parents and students. Please let us know if you would like to speak directly with past clients for references prior to working with JDK College Consulting. 

"My mom jokes about how she didn’t even have to talk to me about college applications because it never affected her. Me and Joe would do everything behind the scenes and if she ever had a question about something I had usually done it already."
Danny M. (student, Westfield, NJ)

"Working with Joe Korfmacher was great. I liked having an impartial, experienced guide to help my son through the process. The entire experience was very well organized and that took a lot of the stress away. Joe is very well-versed in the many options for students today. Plus, he is a very good writer so his ability to critique my son's essays was extremely helpful. I recommend Joe without reservation!"
Trish F. (parent, Westfield, NJ)

“Joe was great and extremely knowledgeable about the college process. It prevented a lot of the parent and child stress my friends told me they experienced.”
– Kristen B. (parent, Scotch Plains, NJ)

"I think the best part of the program was having a set of eyes and ears completely dedicated to my application process. At most high schools, guidance counselors have quite a few number of students to help, so it was great getting 1-on-1 attention from Joe with forming my application list, looking over my essays, and making my decision." 
Billy F. (student, Westfield, NJ)

"My overall experience with JDK was outstanding. During the process, all of my friends were struggling to meet deadlines and get on top of their own college process, but with JDK I was always one step ahead of the game. It definitely helped me out in the long run because I was able to enjoy my senior year without worry or stress about applying."
Brendan M. (student, Westfield, NJ)

“I felt better organized and confident using Joe’s program and felt ready to apply to the colleges I chose without hesitation or regret.”
– Mary H. (student, Westfield, NJ)

“Joe helped our daughter decide which schools she should apply to, and then kept her so organized and ahead of her deadlines. We are very grateful to the JDK College Consulting program for shepherding us through this process so smoothly!”
– Arlene H. (parent, Westfield, NJ)

"The most helpful part of working with Joe was that he had a plan for everything.  Joe set up due dates for essays and applications.  He also helped me come up with ideas for my common application essay by giving me questionnaires and sample essays and ideas.  The whole process was less stressful than I had anticipated.  I got into great colleges, some of which I couldn't believe, with Joe’s help."
Molly O. (student, Verona, NJ)

“Had I not worked with Joe, the application process would have been extremely stressful and my applications would not have been as strong. For me, the common app essay was the hardest part, and brainstorming ideas using the JDK Handbook helped me the most.”
– Margot J. (student, Westfield, NJ)

“Joe’s experience and the relationship he developed with my children proved to be invaluable. With quadruplets applying to college all at once, having Joe work with them through the Common Application and the essay requirements was extremely helpful.  He was always able to keep them on deadline and ensure everything was done correctly and to the best of their ability.”
– William O. (parent, Verona, NJ)

"Joe helped keep me on task with all of the applications and essays I needed to do. Also, he presented many things about colleges and applications that are not well-known to the general public. For example, he knew what colleges were looking for in their supplemental essays and how to work the college system to your advantage."
William O. (student, Verona, NJ)

“I needed help better understanding certain things about the college application process and I was able to successfully complete my applications with much less stress.”
– Jamie B. (student, Scotch Plains, NJ)

"The JDK program saved me a lot of stress, and since my parents both work full-time, it would have been difficult for them to help me otherwise. Plus, I got into my top choice school!" 
Meghan H. (student, Westfield, NJ)

"Joe simplified the process and was able to get the kids (quadruplets) organized and on a schedule so they could meet deadlines. As parents, we were received as "nagging" them to get started on their applications, essays, looking at colleges, etc. Joe started with them and they responded to his requests and demands without a fight. He put them on a schedule and gave them "homework," which they completed without complaint. They looked forward to meeting with him each week. I think the fact that he isn't a parent making demands on them really worked. It took so much stress out of the college application process for me. That alone is priceless!
– Meg O. (parent, Verona, NJ)

“I was definitely glad I used this program because Joe broke the whole process up in to manageable pieces. Also, Joe always gave good directions on which way to take my essay or supplements.”
– Tim J. (student, Westfield, NJ)

“I really enjoyed my experience with JDK College Consulting. One of the most helpful parts was learning interview skills. Although I’ve interviewed for jobs, it was extremely helpful to learn what types of questions will be asked, to do mock interviews, receive feedback, and to learn what else to expect from a college admission counselor.”
- Bryn J. (student, Westfield, NJ)