This will most likely be the only time you/your child will be searching for an undergraduate college to attend, so let’s do it right. Yes, there are many elements of the college application to complete, but by getting organized and viewing the college search as a door to new possibilities, the process can actually be enjoyable. These resources can help:

JDK's College Knowledge Blog – Check out our blog on everything to do with college admissions to get inside information and helpful tips to guide you through the process of researching, applying, and getting into college!

Test Prep Referrals – If, in addition to help with college admissions, you are in need of an SAT/ACT tutor, JDK can provide you with trusted referrals. – This program helps students (grades 9-12) to accrue micro-scholarships from colleges across the country by documenting their academic and extracurricular successes in high school. can help students offset costs of attending college by providing extra motivation work hard in high school.

The College Board – The go-to website to register and submit SAT scores, research colleges and universities and gain valuable information on the ever-evolving college process.

YouVisit – Unable to visit every school you're interested in? YouVisit allows students and parents to “visit” colleges virtually. Choose from hundreds of schools across the country and have a student appear on your screen to give you a tour of the school.

Fair Test – More and more colleges are going test-optional, meaning they no longer require students to submit SAT or ACT scores for admission. This can be a nice option for students who do well in the classroom, but don't necessarily perform at their ability on standardized tests. Fair Test provides the most up-to-date list of test-optional schools.

NCAA – If you are planning on playing a Division 1 or Division 2 sport in college, make sure you register at the NCAA Eligibility Center by the end of your junior year.

Fast Web – Use Fast Web to find scholarships to help offset tuition costs. Simply enter your criteria and let their search engine find scholarships that may be a good fit for you.

Financial Aid Estimate – Visit the FAFSA-4-Caster to help estimate the amount of financial aid you may receive when attending college. Families cannot complete the FAFSA until January 1 of 12th grade, so this tool will give you an idea of what that number will look like earlier in the game.

Questions? Write to for more resources that will help you in all aspects of the college search and application process.