The JDK Philosophy is simple: with the right guidance and support, students can feel confident about owning their own college process; invaluable preparation for the entire college experience.

Through hourly consulting sessions, JDK College Consulting provides each client with:

  • Personal guidance from application to admission
  • A refined college list of likely, target and reach schools
  • Understanding and completion of the Common Application
  • Final and polished college essays
  • A college-ready résumé and interview skills
  • Help finding and applying for financial aid and scholarships
  • Access to exclusive college and financial information

In addition, each student will be given the JDK College Handbook to help them brainstorm, think critically and practice writing and interview skills throughout the program. The Handbook is a compilation of over 80 pages that will be used throughout the program to assist in brainstorming activities, hone organizational methods and provide essential college application information and instructions. The book will be the student’s to keep after the program has concluded. 

Most students will need from 12 to 20 consulting sessions each year, though less or more may be required depending on the student and his/her goals. In the end, students will have completed all of the college application elements to their satisfaction and feel empowered to own this process and proud of their college decision.

Who Can Benefit from JDK College Consulting?
The program is applicable to students at all stages of the college process, from freshman to senior year. While the summer before and the first months of senior year are a crucial time in the college application process, it is never too early to begin preparing by researching schools of interest and developing extracurricular skills. If you are a high school freshman or sophomore who would like a jump-start on the college process, do not hesitate to contact JDK College Consulting to schedule an initial consultation to see if the program is right for you at this time.